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Don’t Hide Behind Your Fears. Your Fears Should Hide Behind You.

Inspiration · Memories

Keep Something for Yourself

I was taught to give to others from the heart. My parents showed me the joy that can be had when you put yourself second. As a result it takes no effort on part to help someone in need, It’s a natural response of mine. I do not have to know the person to help them. We are all neighbors in this world, and we all need a little sugar sometimes, or just a kind word. 

We can give in so many ways. Sometimes one word, or gesture is all someone needs to get back up and keep going. It’s important to never limit yourself when it comes to how you can help others. Give your best and don’t look for anything in return. Most times you do not receive something in return, but it’s when you least expect it that you see the result of your kindness, at one time or another. 

Even though being self sacrificing can be very rewarding; it’s important to keep a little something just for you. Remember you must also be kind to yourself. Love others with the same love you have for Yourself. 


Inspiration · Memories

Strolling in The Park

I saw these birds while hanging out in a park. They caught my attention because they seemed to be arguing with each other. I sat on a nearby bench and listened as if I could understand their chatter. After a few minutes the noise died down and they seemed to have reached a resolution. They were probably arguing about how Ann takes the best pieces of bread from people who visit the lake. Nonetheless they came to an agreement and carried on enjoying the serenity of the pond. I’m sure these poor birds were just enjoying the sun, but observing them led me to create a story in my mind. Their presence and my perception of their actions made me think of the beauty that comes from resolving issues quickly. Do not dwell on negativity. Express yourself and then continue enjoying life. Get loud like the geese and then bask in the peace of resolution. Preserve your inner and outer peace.