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Hey Everyone 

Could you guys please leave the names of some blogs that you guys like as comments? I would like to get to know what interests you, and explore different passions that people have in the community. 


5 thoughts on “Hey Everyone 

  1. Nobody dared?
    I will – even though I am not a guy, but a woman (a hag, compared to your youth) –
    as befits a single elderly lady I have a lot of (funny) cat-blogs on my reader, like and an elderly gentleman who is retired and once upon his life served the US-army in Germany, hence can read my blog, too: He survives his retirement with two cats.
    I also love to read about the daily musings of Mrs Angloswiss, an English lady who went to work in Switzerland, settled down there, got married and had children. One of her grown up sons is autistic.
    Another blog I follow is that of Phoebe Holmes, a catholic mother of four, her youngest having a not specifiable disability. Her musings are sometimes funny, sometimes angry, sometimes thoughtful – but always heartwarming.
    I have also follow several blogs in German, inevitably, but I doubt you would want me to name those. Some are about cooking, some are about fun things in general …
    Another cat blog I only started following this year is Greg’s blog, feline cafe: another eldlerly gentleman with four cats has cats and dogs on her blog
    Then a woman who does wonderful art projects with her little daughter:
    A German library blogs on wordpress, too – I LOVE libraries …
    Out My Window, musings by Sara Somers, an American in Paris under – an elderly English gentleman who is always grumbling or mocking .
    The postal adventures of Morris Mouse – – a sweet story that started as a postcard project for a friend . – a funny blog about two people and their dog – a funny American blog about the zoo in the house Thompson.
    A cartoon blog –
    citizen sketcher on – he does, what he promises – he shows his aquarell sketches – SOO GOOD!
    Drinking Tips for Teens under rossmurray1.wordpress. com – a funny Canadian

    That gives you an impression – blogs about books, blogs about cooking, funny blogs, blogs about family life, blogs about pets, creativity blogs.

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