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Chicken Alfredo

This is one of my favorite pasta dishes. I also enjoy it with shrimp, or lobster. Actually, a few months ago I had it with chicken and steak. It was delicious! You have to give that combo a try. What’s your favorite pasta dish?


6 thoughts on “Chicken Alfredo

  1. I like a pasta bake.
    It’s a very variable recipe, 1 container of cream (about 200 ml) 1 container of water (same amount), 250 g pasta, 75 g either bacon, or ham, or today some smoked salmon will have to to go, I will add some vegetable, in this case about 75g of frozen peas – and cook it into a pot for 5 minutes, then add 50 g of grated cheese (or, as I have some leftover goat-cream-cheese I am absolutely planning to give that a go), I add salt and nutmeg as well as pepper – cook it some more and put it into an oven dish, cover with as much grated cheese as you like (I have some Manchego cheese to grate hidden in the caves of my large fridge) and bake it, for about a quarter of an hour at 200 ° C

    I love that as an easy way of getting rid of leftovers and have always some homogenized cream in my storage – as well as pasta. I also like to have a package of frozen peas in my fridge, of which I can take out as much as I need … not much for this dish. And I usually have some diced smoked bacon in my fridge, so the main ingredients are quite storable. Same for a piece of cheese.

    We call such a pasta bake a Nudel-Auflauf in German.

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