Hi Everyone 

Hi friends, 

I hope all of you are doing well. I’ve been missing for awhile but I hope to get back to regular posts. I appreciate everyone that still visits my blog and leaves comments. You guys help to create an amazing community here on WordPress. 
Above is a picture of my dinner tonight. Sadly, I haven’t cooked In awhile, but tonight I pushed through the forces that were holding me back, and I made this meal. It’s a BBQ pork chop with pasta in homemade Asiago and Gouda cheese sauce. It was delicious. What did you have for dinner?


8 thoughts on “Hi Everyone 

  1. I had to call in a pizza yesterday. I got a new stove delivered – but nobody was there to connect it with the high-voltage outlet. There isn’t even a freaking cable provided. I feel a tad let down. Well, on my blog I rant a lot more, in German, but I try to not freak out elsewhere.
    Your cheese sauce pasta looks very appetizing. Haven’t had a chop in ages. If they finally manage to get my stove running tomorrow, I am very tempted to do a blue-cheese variety of your dish.

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  2. I am making chicken ravioli. I made pasta dough with a yam. Very interesting flavor. For the sauce, I am going with korma sauce, because it is so dang yummy. Korma pairs well with chicken and vegetables. I think I might make cornbread to go with it.

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