Choose Your Words Wisely

I overhead a conversation between two friends earlier this week that I found very disturbing. Friend A appeared to be distressed about some financial hardships and friend B was consoling and reassuring friend A. When his friend asked for help, the conversation took a turn that I didn’t expect. Instead of trying to help friend B began to lecture his friend on what he couldn’t have done differently to avoid falling on hardtimes. He made it clear that he was not a bank, and has issues of his own. 

Now, I understand we are all struggling in someway, but when someone asks for help do not take it as an opportunity to lecture the person on life. Decide if you will help, or not, and try to lead them in the right direction. It’s insensitive to remind them of why they are asking for help and the things they did wrong. Also, situations like this help you to weed out true friends from artificial ones. 

It seems each day we are becoming less human. We are losing the ability to be emphatic and becoming more self centered. If people thought more about each other rather than themselves we might move forward; Instead of continuing the downward spiral evident in society today. 


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