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Have You Ever Had a Slice of Lasagna Pizza?

A few days ago I decided to try something that I’ve always been curious about, Lasagna Pizza! I’ve seen it on my favorite restaurant’s menu, countless times, but I always pictured something messy and greasy. So, I avoided ordering it, even when I tried every pizza on their menu, and was dying to try something different. Anyway, recently I conquered my fears and I ordered the pizza. The first look and bite convinced me I was crazy for not trying it sooner. It was delicious! The two concepts of pizza and lasagna married very well. What about you, have you ever had this type of pizza before?



12 thoughts on “Have You Ever Had a Slice of Lasagna Pizza?

  1. Yummy! I think I may be trying to make one in the future! I love taking one dish and making it into something new – Philly Cheese steak Pizza, Reuben Pizza, and Ravioli Pizza are on my must try to make list. Now adding this!

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  2. Doesn’t look great but I’ll take your word for it! In my town we have a lot of chicken finger pizza (amazing) and occasional specials like macaroni and cheese pizza. All good things.

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