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Please share your thought with me after watching this video. I found it to be very inspirational and thought provoking. Let’s talk after you watch. Also, this is still a food blog, even though I haven’t posted a recipe in awhile. Don’t worry I have a few coming. Nonetheless, I’m happy to share gems I find that relate to life.


7 thoughts on “Reflection 

  1. I am not sure why the bird’s correlate feather color with happiness. I do agree favorite colors bring us peace, happiness, etc. but unfortunately not many people understand this concept and normally notice only the outer you. If we pay too much attention to the outside we miss the beautiful wisdom and knowledge of those content with who they are.

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  2. I enjoyed the video! I agree that comparisons can make us discontent with ourselves and our circumstances. Let’s be grateful for our unique gifts and learn from each other’s perspective.

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