Pain and Hope

I’m the reason you can’t breathe. I’ve given you the worst headache you’ve ever had. I’ve infiltrated your mind and penetrated your heart with stabs of disappointment. You try to move, but I’ve taken away your desire to live. Each blink produces tears because I remind you of the reasons you hide beneath your sheets and turn out all your lights. I want you to stay in the dark so I can suffocate you with your thoughts and rob you of all your ambitions. I whisper to you about all of your failures. Everytime you think of lifting your head from beneath your sheets, I slap you with my cold hands and punch you with my fists of iron. I won’t let you go! You need to stay down! Are you wondering why it feels like someone is squeezing your heart and making small cuts all over your body? 

My name is: Pain. It’s great to meet you. You’re my host because you made it easy for me to enter your heart. Did you forget how to guard your heart? Don’t worry there is hope. You must find a force greater than me. His name is: Love. I’ll be kind and send him a SOS on your behalf. He isn’t easy to find, but when you find him he’ll never abandon you, that’s if you find true Love. Never give up on finding Love. Once you find it you’ll always have a reason to smile and stay up late at nights. 


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