Meet Aldo Santorini(Interview)

I came across Aldo’s photography on Instagram and he captured my attention instantly. His photos capture rich features of reality and they illuminate ordinary areas of life. Irving Penn once said ” a good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective.” Penn describes clearly the effect of Aldo’s photography. His photos communicate powerful messages without words. A good photo is one that can stand on its own, without words. All of Aldo’s photos speak for themselves. Please view Aldo’s photography on Instagram by searching the name: aldosantorini. Also, checkout his writing and photos at www 

I was able to interview Aldo, please view the questions I asked him, and his responses below. I’m confident you will find inspiration and encouragement from the interview and his photos. 

The photos below the interview are photos taken by Aldo for his Instagram, and for his company.

Why are you passionate about photography?

My family moved to New York from Italy when I was young. Our family lives mostly in Italy and Toronto and we’re are the only ones in the US, so we were visiting family all the time. I started taking pictures for fun to remember my times with my cousins. My parents bought me my first professional camera and some intermediate lessons for my 16th birthday. Over the years, I continued to try to improve in my free time.

You can tell so much from a picture. They tell stories and capture emotion and moments in time that sometimes words can’t capture. I’m in marketing and I like to tell stories, visually and through writing.

What do you enjoy about traveling?

I enjoy meeting new people and learning things about different cultures. My parents encouraged me to learn from different experiences. Traveling allows me to do that in a way that I haven’t found in anything else. When I travel, I enjoy living like locals do so I can get a true sense for how things are there. I tend to stay away from the tourist spots except for some places that you just have to see (I at least had to see the Eiffel Tower and the CN Tower).   

Do you enjoy cooking?

I like other people’s cooking. I cook but almost everyone I know is better at it than I am so I prefer eating! I can make pasta and some seafood dishes but I’m lucky to know some amazing cooks including my parents.

Writing for, I’m taste testing and photographing dishes I’ve never tried before and it’s a new experience for me. I just get to eat great food and take pictures!

What is your favorite meal?

It will probably always be pasta like Linguini with Clam Sauce. But I love food from all over. Living in New York is great for experiencing a lot of different types of food without leaving the city.

What would you say to others about pursuing their dreams?

I think it’s important to follow your heart if you can. Hard work can pay off if you have the focus and determination. I never thought I would end up doing photography other than for fun. But I was focused on getting into the travel industry in marketing. I got a degree in marketing and after getting my MBA, I landed a job at a small hotel chain that operated in a couple of States. They saw some of my personal travel photos so I started taking some of the shots for the promotions I was managing and it grew from there. I worked above what was asked of me to get my name out there and to meet the right people.

Six months ago, I applied for a role and started working at a large, global resort chain where I get to travel and take photos regularly.

My advice: mentors, job shadowing, talking to people in the industry that may be able to help, and networking are good ways to get your name out there, as well as to understand what is needed to besuccessful against the competition.

Woods Restaurant in Toronto (chicken with purple mashed potatoes)

Chili Peppers Stuffed with Avocado Salad
Lago di Braies, Italy
Central Park, New York
Jokulsarlon Island, Iceland

19 thoughts on “Meet Aldo Santorini(Interview)

  1. Really excellent feature you did on Aldo! I agree that his work speaks for itself (if he posted the pics I took of recipes beside his that would be enough!) and they tell wonderful stories. Thanks for sharing his inspirational story.


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