Spend Time Together 

The time we spend together as friends, family, or coworkers, is invaluable. Each opportunity provides a path to getting to know each other better. The best time in my eye to associate, is at a dining table. People tend to let loose when their taste buds are being stimulated. So, look for opportunities where you can set a table, and have a few of the people you appreciate over for a delicious meal. It can be delicious whether you make, or if you pick it up from your favorite restaurant.

Getting to know someone else helps you to learn more about yourself. We are products of the information we gather from each other. Our perceptive ablities are different. So, will always learn something new from each other because each person sees the world differently. 


13 thoughts on “Spend Time Together 

  1. I recently heard a podcast on Soylent, which lauded its use for the time saved from having to prepare, sit, eat, and talk to others. Nutrition! consumed in 1 minute! so you can get back to work (or something). I thought the product completely missed the point eating/dining is the social glue of society. Spending time together over a meal is what makes us human – or at least make it worthwhile.

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  2. I am a firm believer that we cross paths in life for a reason. We may never know why but it happens. Dinner tables use to be where it was happening. Unfortunately with the advancement of technology it seems to have been replaced by the cell phone.

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