Who is Your Favorite Chef?

Today I was thinking about the movie,  ” Julie and Julia.” It’s a movie about a woman who cooks her way through the cookbook of her favorite chef, Julia Child. She makes a vow to prepare all 524 recipes in Julia’s book, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking. ” The character Julie Powell creates a blog, and shares her experience with viewers online. 

This is one of my favorite movies, and I would like to embark on a similar journey. I plan to choose a cook book from one of my favorite chef’s, and cook my way through the book. Recipe after recipe, until I’ve made each one. Of course I’ll take you guys on this journey. I hope you’ll come along. What do you think? 

To help me decide which chef to choose, I wanted to hear from you. Please share with me who your favorite chef is, and if they have a cookbook, please mention it.

I hope you’re having a great weekend. Are you doing anything special this weekend?


49 thoughts on “Who is Your Favorite Chef?

      1. I decided to pursue an education in culinary arts, yet refuse to pay for it when I can study under the best chefs in the world. All of them now have instructional videos.
        I went to Jamie Oliver for knife Skills
        Marcus Samuelsson for techniques, Alton Brown for the science behind food. I have spent quality time with so many chefs and have watched them meticulously. I have written to them, I have read their books. But seriously, Chef Ramsay is amazing. Check out his show The F Word.

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  1. There are many great chefs to choose from this is tough! However I’ll have to pick Chef Anne Burrell, she has a TV show in the food network called “Worst Cooks of America”. She has the skills and techniques to teach anyone to cook that even burns water!

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  2. I’d like to thank everyone for their suggestions. I really appreciate it! I’m looking forward to hearing more. So, if you have commented please give me your suggestion. Thank you.



  3. I appreciate Jacques Pépin. He is alive and he uses social media. He shares interesting books and knowledge with people. I am planning to read one of the books he recommended next week: “The Physiology of Taste: Or Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy (Vintage Classics).” Jacques Pépin works in the kitchen. He knows how to use most vegetables. He has great health. Jacques Pépin is a culinary artist. He has lived an exciting life. He is a gardener. He is interesting. Appreciating Jacques Pépin will permit me to be a happy professional with great health. He enjoys drinking wine. He appreciates A. Escoffier who was a chef that published thousands of ideas. I have used these ideas to make food that makes me excited about life. My choux filled with fondue au fromage were impressive.

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  4. My favorite chefs are none that embrace publicity, but share their passion for food. Thomas Keller from The French Laundry and David Kinch from Manresa are my top two. Along of some favorites are David Chang, Ferran Adria, and Grant Alchatz. But my biggest mentor is Cory Schrieber.

    And yes, they all have cook books.

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