The Beauty of a New Day


Hey guys! I came across these beautiful flowers today. They remind me of how special each day can be, if we stop and remember the small things we have in life. Look at how small each arrangement of flowers is. Are they any less beautiful, or alluring because they are small? Rather, they are as radiant and seductive as a large bouquet of roses. 

Remember the small things, the gifts in life that we often overlook. There is more beauty to be admired and appreciated than we have noticed. Reflect on the guy that opens the door for you each day at work, your talents, parents that love you, a friend that never leaves your side, or a son or daughter that works hard to make you smile. 

Most importantly be thankful each day you rise with the sun. It could have been a very dark day, but you were blessed to live. In the years to come we will need this outlook on life because the world is getting worst each day. The value of life has gone down. So, as individuals we need to take a stand and make a difference. Be the opposite of traits that tear humanity apart.


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