What are Your Thoughts?

When I read this qoute I immediately thought of: fate or destiny, but as I thought more, I realized it may refer to death, or a combination of death and fate. I interpret this qoute to mean: we are all born with the sad reality of death. With life comes death. It is inevitable. Death is always looming over us, as life must end. So, we need to keep moving and make the most of everyday we are blessed to be alive. Each day we open our eyes is a good day.

It is a sad reality. However, it is the grim reality of the living. Life should be everlasting and we shouldn’t have expiration dates. Nonetheless even though there is nothing we can do to conquer death; we can choose to live each day to the fullest, by giving each other our best.


11 thoughts on “What are Your Thoughts?

  1. Great quote and absolutely true. Let me tell you one thing friend, there is nothing to feel sad about anything. Life is fleeting and death is a reality cause this is not our home and if the body that decays has to go to its original place so why bother and nothing is sad. All this is a fleeting show. Enjoy and have a ball of a time.

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  2. you know….My first impression of this quote was a parallel perspective between life and death that follows. No matter what we do death will come eventually. I’m still young but somehow I find myself thinking about death a lot, while we do that we actually waist time living the life we were given. So I guess we shouldn’t cry about the inevitable and like you said live everyday to the fullest and doing things without regret, because eventually It’s one chance do to everything you can 🙂

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