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A Very Simple Dessert

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a great week. What’s new with you? How is your week going so far?

Yesterday, I was sitting at home and I felt for something sweet, but I didn’t want the usual slice of cake, or bowl of icecream. I wanted something different. So, my creative juices started to flow, and I came up with the dessert you see in the pictures above. It’s very simple, and easy to make. 

First, I warmed one Eggo pancake in the microwave, for 8 seconds. Then, I folded the pancake so that it resembled a taco shell, and I placed it in a glass. With the pancake in the glass, I added a few scoops of my favorite icecream, strawberries and cream, and topped my creations off with mango chunks. That’s it! Wasn’t that easy?

You could also warm a few of the Eggo pancakes, fold them to resemble tacos, let them air dry, and then fill them with icecream, fruit, or chocolate. Also, if you feel like having an icecream sandwich, you use either the Eggo waffles,or pancakes, to create your sandwich. The result will be delicious! 

Have you used waffles, or pancakes in this way before? 


15 thoughts on “A Very Simple Dessert

  1. I once wanted a quesadilla but lacked tortillas. My wife suggested a grilled cheese instead, but ahah! Waffles. They were plain, so… I nuked the waffle for ten seconds and then applied salsa, baby spinach (I like adding spinach to things) and a shredded four cheese blend (from Costco). The whole thing was waved for another twenty some until the cheese had melted. It was so good, I had another.

    My wife was appalled. She’s such a purist. My pizzadilla also appalls her but I think the waffledilla is at the top of her list of horrors. But I love being inventive in the kitchen, improvising and subbing to make things.


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  2. I can’t even think about eating ice cream with all this snow! It hasn’t stopped snowing since 4 am today, and is supposed to go all night. But a very clever idea with the Eggo waffles. We keep a stash of those on hand always for our teenage daughter.

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