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A Noteworthy Experience 

A few weeks ago I went to Country Kitchen, a restaurant located in New York. I was bit skeptical about the food because the menu was a mix of Southern food and Jamaican food, I didn’t think those two could mix well, but they pulled it off. 

The decor and customer service were very appealing. I admire their attention to detail, and friendliness. The waiters and waitresses were very respectful, knowledgeable and attentive. I’m sure they’ll continue to be successful. 

When it was our turn to order, my uncle ordered their Jerk Burger, and it was beyond delicious. I couldn’t stop dipping my fries in the sauce from the burger. The patties melted in my mouth like butter, and the sauce was sweet and spicy. I still can’t believe how delicious and creative that burger was. 

I ordered the ” Big Bad Bacon Burger.” This burger is a burger lovers dream come true. The bacon was crispy, and the patties were succulent. I can’t forget the BBQ sauce, which was sweet, robust, and savory. The combination of a sweet and light bun, crispy bacon, three cheeses, juicy patties, and savory BBQ sauce, created an unforgettable flavor experience. Country Kitchen transformed an ordinary bacon cheeseburger into a work of art. My tastebuds and I will never forget this burger.

If you’re ever in New York, please stop by this restaurant. 

Have you been to any great restaurants lately? Please share your experience with me and don’t forget to include the location of the restaurant. 

Have an amazing week!


31 thoughts on “A Noteworthy Experience 

      1. Oh my so many! Most anywhere you eat out here that’s “southern” is legit and amazing! Same with the Bar-B-Que. When we move next month I may miss here more than Texas. The people, the food, the scenery, it was all a surprisingly amazing chapter of my life. 🙂

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