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🍰Scrumptious Desserts 🍨

These desserts are the epitome of the word: scrumptious. The feelings of pleasure are centered in the mouth, throat, and stomach. Each bite of the panna cotta, lemon bars and cupcakes is exploding with delicious flavors.

The panna cotta coats your mouth, and throat with a sweet cream infused with hints of rum, vanilla, and coffee. It originated in Italy, but I can assure you it is now asleep in my tummy, sending rays of happiness throughout my body.

Now, the lemon bars are not for the faint of heart. You need to be able to withstand exploding sensations of pure happiness. The bars are refreshing, sweet, and lightly tart.

Lastly, the cupcakes are just dangerous. These bad boys will send you over the top. They are decadant, delicate and devilishly good. The cake is bursting with luscious and rich chocolate flavor. The icing is smooth, silky, and hits you with hints of amaretto goodness.

These treats were created by a friend of mine, Jared. He is extremely talented and as you can see he knows how to make your mouth tingle.

I’m posting interesting finds like these to inspire everyone to keep breathing life into their dreams. Enjoy food and support each other. Talk to you soon.


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