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Dinner on a Cold Winter Night



Tonight I had teriyaki chicken with barley and asparagus. I added some mixed veggies to my barley and I added thinly sliced cabbage to the teriyaki chicken. Then, I closed my meal with some delicious french macarons from Woops!

I had the following flavors: rasberry, pistachio, Caramel Fleur Del Sel, cookies and cream, and butterscotch. I’ve never had french macarons before, but I’ll definitely be a returning customer. Each bite was flavorful, soft, chewy, and mouth watering. Please go out and get some. I think you should be able to order them online. Checkout Woops at, There are other sites that sell them online aswell, if Woops doesn’t work for you.

I hope everyone has a goodnight and please free to talk to me, or ask me any questions you may have.


10 thoughts on “Dinner on a Cold Winter Night

    1. Yeah, I’ve always seen them, but I never tasted one until tonight. They are pretty amazing. They are light, chewy and exploding with flavor. The experience was very intense. Lol. Go try some. How did the Mac and cheese turn out?

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