Let Go!

As the year comes to a close, start to think of everything that you’re holding onto. Are you holding onto relationships that support you in your journey in life, or are you holding onto relationships that cause you pain, and retard your potential for growth? Are your goals and dreams practical? Do you allow past mistakes to haunt you? Do you allow things that you can’t change, to weigh you down, and prevent you from making the most of your reality?

Holding on always does more damage than letting go. So, let go of everything that does not help you to nurture a better you. Release your hold on friends that don’t contribute to your happiness. Do not continue to build a relationship with someone that doesn’t see your value, and doesn’t make you feel special. Also, let go of goals that aren’t within your reach. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach for the stars, but don’t reach for stars you can’t see. There are many stars out there, just keep your mind and heart on those you can visualize. Always keep in mind that the answer to most problems that seem unbearable is: let go!


20 thoughts on “Let Go!

  1. This is so true. I really have trouble with letting go of things that are in the past. As you said, holding on does more damage; be a person of the present, and be hopeful for the bright future ahead; let go of the past. Great post! This was really motivational.


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  2. ❄️❄️🎶 “let it go, let it go…”🎶❄️❄️
    Sorry, couldn’t resist! 😉 actually was just talking about this today, letting go of anger because all it does is eat you up inside… great post! (And oh my- the photos of food on your “about page”-YUM!)

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