Easy Rasberry Tart



3 cups of frozen or fresh raspberries

1 store bought pie crust( from the freezer section)

1/2 cup of sugar

1/4 cup powdered sugar

2 tablespoons of flour


  1. Empty the raspberries into a colander and drain any liquid into a bowl.
  2. Pour the raspberries into a bowl.
  3. Add the flour, sugar, and powdered sugar.
  4. Mix the raspberries and dry ingredients together.
  5. Line a tart 9 inch tart pan with the pie crust
  6. Bake the crust at 400 degrees for 15 mins.
  7. Add the rasberry mixture.
  8. Bake on 400 degrees, for 45 mins.
  9. Let the tart cool before serving.
  10. If you want you can add some powdered sugar and fresh mint to the juice you drained from the raspberries, and drizzle over the tart. The amount of powdered sugar you use will depend on how much juice you drained. Add enough to make it thick, but still easy to drizzle.

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