Salmon Dinner



Hey guys I made a very easy salmon dinner tonight. I took a piece of salmon, seasoned it with a teaspoon of the following: black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and all purpose seasoning . Then I heated a sauce pan over medium heat, poured some olive oil in the pan and added 3 tablespoons of butter. I browned each side of the fish, and cooked until the outside got crispy.

After removing the salmon from the pan; I left the pan on the flame and added chopped eggplant, sliced red onions, and diced red and yellow bell peppers. I sautéed the veggies until they began to get soft, and the onions caramalized. Then, I added 1/4 cup of chicken broth, 2 teaspoons of teriyaki sauce, and a dash of ground ginger. After cooking for an additional 10 mins, on medium heat, the veggies were done.

This is one of the easiest weeknight meals.



26 thoughts on “Salmon Dinner

  1. Yay for salmon! We have quite a bit in our freezer from a wild chinook my hubby caught in October. We’ve eaten a lot of it but will be making smoked salmon to seal and give away as Christmas gifts! It’s a bit of tradition for us when we catch a salmon. 🙂

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