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Eating with Friends


Salad Ingredients:

Romaine Lettuce


Shredded Red Cabbage

Sliced Red Onions


Tangerine Slices


Blue Cheese

Cherry Tomatoes

Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette


Good morning everyone. Thank you for joining me to enjoy food in many different ways.

I woke up thinking about an amazing salad I made last weekend. The salad was served at a dinner party I had, to celebrate the elderly I have known for years. I cherish their presence in my life and their experience and knowledge, are invaluable, even priceless. Very often when our dear friends and family members get older, we forget about them, and we lost interest in them. Rather, this should be the opportunity we take to give them back a measure of what they have given us. We can give them what they need the most: our time, consideration, and our physical and emotional strength . They are special and deserve to be loved and cared for, genuinely.

So, I do my part by taking time to care for the needs of the elderly I’m blessed to have around me. I try to have a brunch, dinner, or picnic for them once a month. Also, I make myself available to each one, whenever they need something. I encourage them to call me for anything, even just to talk and I call them as often as I can, to check in. I encourage everyone to take care of those advanced in age, remember what they did for you when they had the strength. Do what you can. Try to provide their favorite meal, as often as you can, that’s a great start.


Dinner Party (Roasted Chicken, Pork Tenderloin in Mushroom Sauce, 3 Cheese Mac and Cheese, Rice and Beans, and Salad.)

33 thoughts on “Eating with Friends

  1. This is wonderful what you do. More of us should be doing more for the advanced in age. They do not ask for extravagant things, often all they want is someone to spend a little time with them to talk. We could take a few minutes to stop and say hello to that elderly person sitting on the park bench or street bench. This may be the highlight of their day (and ours)
    Have a Blessed Day Trav

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      1. At a local seafood restaurant, Pelican’s. You know, when I can afford it. So rich and creamy, so fresh. I’ve tried to make my own, but I can’t get the spices right. Someone told me they use restaurant mayonnaise, which you can’t buy at the grocery store.

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      2. Dude, you are driving my crazy. Of course I like pork, but it’s too painful to chew. I have a fleeting memory of a butterfly pork chop, cooked and seasoned to perfection… Seriously, why are you torturing me? ๐Ÿ˜€

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