The Power of Being Hospitable

Being hospitable involves making others feel welcomed, or included. The majority of  world we live in thrives on violence, and contention. There are those who are living  above the poverty line, and those that are struggling to keep their heads above the water. At the end of the day we are humans, people fighting to live. We are individuals that breathe the same air, excret the same waste, bleed when cut, and cry when hurt.

So, we should always look for opportunities to share our knowledge, friendship, and love. Having a generous attitude keeps us humble, and reminds us of our past. This makes it easier to empathize with each other, and helps us build a courteous  and obliging attitude toward our families, and strangers.

What does this have to do with food? Don’t worry I asked myself that same question.

Food is known for bringing happiness and good feelings to our lives. It nourishes us, and provides us with the potential for growth, but food also has the ability to unite, encourage, and console. When we include a meal as a part of our hospitality we have the ability to help someone in need, repair a broken friendship, dry the tears from the eyes of someone emotionally drained, or even uplift one that has been hit by life’s many misfortunes.

Alot of us, including myself, have a passion for cooking, but how often do we share our creations with a new friend, person in need, or someone that we are unfamiliar with?

Let’s look for ways to expand the potential of our food creations. Our food can do more than fill a tummy. It can give hope, repair bonds, and fuel the growth of love.

Try inviting a coworker to your home to taste your best dessert, call an old friend and cook your favorite beef stew recipe, or make dinner packages for people you  know that have fallen on hard times. Food is important for physical and emotional survival . If you are already doing the things I’ve mentioned, that’s highly commendable. Keep sharing and never turn away from extending a helping a hand.




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