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Amazing Lunch From “Wild Ginger”


Today I had a great lunch from a restaurant in Bronxville, called “Wild Ginger.” I ordered pork lo mein, and it was delicious. The pork was fresh, tender, and seasoned well. Also, the noodles were tossed with flavors such a ginger, garlic, and chili pepper. The vegetables in the lo mein were crisp, fresh, and scrumptious.

These noodles made day. I’ll be posting my dinner and recipe tonight. What are you having for dinner tonight?


14 thoughts on “Amazing Lunch From “Wild Ginger”

  1. This looks delicious.. I love ginger in my cooking! tonight we had Spaghetti bolognaise although I had ‘courgette spaghetti’…. courgette cut into very thin strips in a spiraliser and steamed to make a low carb alternative to pasta.. It’s surprisingly tasty! x

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      1. Yep – I can honestly recommend spiralising as a way of healthy eating – in fact you’ve inspired me to do a future post on this.. I’ll start taking some pictures of different dishes using the spiraliser.. x

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      2. How lovely for remembering Trav – Thank You. She’s doing really well and saw the surgeon ‘post op’ check up yesterday and he is really pleased with the way everything is healing and the pathology results are also back in and were clear which is brilliant news! Your thoughtfulness is VERY much appreciated! x

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      1. Remember, you asked for it: Ball Park Hot Dogs. Oversize buns with melted swiss cheese and chopped red onions. The sauce was a combo of mayo + BJ’s bbq sauce. Side: Potato salad.
        Not much inspiration in this dinner. Sorry

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