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A Question For You: What Is Your Favorite Meal, or Dessert?

Hey guys, I’m curious about what you like to eat. I enjoy conversations about the foods that give people comfort, and bring happiness to their lives.Β 

My favorite meal is: BBQ skirt steak with potato salad, and grilled asparagus. For dessert, I like a nice slice of key lime pie with homemade whip cream, infused with orange, and lemon zest. Then I need a cup of chai tea, or if I’ve had a long day, I might need something stronger like a glass of wine, or a shot of tequila.

Please share your favorite meal, or dessert.


60 thoughts on “A Question For You: What Is Your Favorite Meal, or Dessert?

  1. My favorite meal is stew peas with white rice and my close second favorite meal is MY mac and cheese with fried chicken. My favorite dessert is strawberry cheesecake.

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  2. Well now Trav – putting my ‘healthy eating’ to one side…. My favourite meal has to be home made Moussaka made to my mum’s original recipe… It reminds me of growing up.. My mum was a pretty adventurous cook when all people ate in the UK at the time was meat, potatoes and 2 veg type food, my mum was cooking Italian and Greek dishes etc. It’s commonplace now but being an ‘oldy’, in the 1960’s it was rare. So that one remains a favourite. Now when it comes to desert – I love a dish called Lemon Ginger Crunch (which is quite similar to key lime pie) – very tangy and yet sweet at the same time… Oh scrumptious!!! Or… Chocolate fondant desert or as I call it a Chocolate Melting Middle Moment – hot with ice cream…. Oh and then there’s apple or rhubarb crumble with custard… Now I’m spoilt for choice and drooling… and I can’t eat any of them anymore (well not very often anyway..)x

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  3. My favorite dish has to be pasta with chicken cutlets, meatballs.. all the trimmings.. probably some fresh bread to butter.. and maybe some salad..

    Friends/family being present makes it better!

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  4. I’m vegetarian…and Italian. I love pizza, pastas like linguine with broccoli garlic and olive oil, baked ziti, and eggplant parmigiana as long as the breeding is crispy and not soggy. For dessert I like anything with peanut butter or coconut. And after many years I wish I had some of your cranberry orange bread…unforgettable!

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  5. This is tough! I’m not a huge dessert eater, but I think there’s nothing quite like chocolate mousse. For dinner, it would have to start with foie gras with grilled bread, followed by a salad of beets and feta, then followed by a medium-rare beef Wellington, topped with duxelles. And I don’t even eat much meat! If it were my last meal on earth I would indulge in Indian food – lamb curry, lentils, saag paneer, naan, raita and much more. After all, it would be my last time alive!!!

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  6. just found your blog! your food photos really make me want to be creative in the kitchen πŸ™‚ Not a big dessert fan so I’ll give 2 fav meals (besides my parents’ cooking)… prob jambalaya OR classic eggs & bacon & hashbrowns & biscuits and gravy bc my bf and I always have a big southern breakfast together on weekends

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    1. That sounds amazing. I’d love for you to make me one if we ever meet. Lol. Thank you so much for sharing your favorite meal. Also, I just swung by your blog and I really like it. Amazing articles and suggestions.

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    1. The list of the foods that I don’t like is a lot easier… For instance, I don’t like barbecue or key lime pie. (But barbecued potato chips are good.) I’ve never tried asparagus, but if I can put butter on it, I’ll probably like it.

      I’m sitting here wondering what I would order for my last meal… Probably homemade chicken soup. Chicken and potatoes. Yum. πŸ™‚

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      1. I’ve never met anyone that didn’t like bbq food, but it’s refreshing to find someone that can resist the smokey goodness. I love love keylime pie. Your last meal sounds good. I’d add a juicy bacon cheeseburger to it. Lol. Do u like burgers?

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      2. Oh no, you mentioned cheeseburgers… and I’m thinking about french fries… and now my stomach is growling. Since I have major jaw problems, I’m supposed to be on a soft diet. Ha! Diet! That’s a bad word in my dictionary. But I haven’t had a cheeseburger in quite some time and… well… I’ve been dreaming about them. πŸ™‚

        The problem I have with barbecue is the combination of sweet and sour. I guess I like basic tastes, not mixtures. Too many complex tastes confuse my taste buds. πŸ™‚

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