My Letter to Get into Culinary Arts School

Julia Child once said “You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”  Her words describe my passion and desire to learning all there is to learn about the art of cooking. I firmly believe that one can never really learn everything about something that they are passionate about. The passion that they have is fueled by an intense desire to become better and grow to new heights. Thus, my interest in The Culinary Arts Program is based upon a desire to progress and sharpen my skills. From a very young age I found myself fascinated by the art work my mother would make with simple ingredients and utensils. I admired her passion and love for cooking. As a result when I became old enough to hold a fork, and mixing spoon I began to experiment and create my own dishes. Now, at the age of 18, I am baking and cooking for my family, and friends. I have even started a business called Sweet Treats. 

However, I have a yearning to become more aware of the global use of cooking. So, by gaining entrance into The Culinary Arts program I hope be able to learn the essentials of cooking, the origin of various foods and become more diverse in my cooking methods, and styles. Cooking is an art that is mastered with practice and it appears that he culinary program at The French Culinary Institute will challenge me to work hard and learn beyond the surface.

In five years after graduation I see myself running Sweet Treats and a Caribbean restaurant in various locations. I also plan to mentor young people who have a desire to cook and need to have that desire nurtured. My intention is to learn and teach. With my knowledge as a Culinary Arts Major I will not only endeavor to run my own business, but I will open my arms to anyone who needs the experience and desire to learn about cooking. In the future my degree will allow me to further my education in food management and all other aspects of the food industry.

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